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Our mission is to provide our people with abundant learning facilities.FDRP is a research or skill development program.

What is FDRP ?

FDRP is a Research ,Skill Development or Online Earning Platform of Pakistan.
We are providing skill based education in the form of courses or our all courses are in the form of modules .Every course module based on four levels i.e Basic ,Advance ,Mastery & Research or Innovation level.
We are also offering earning opportunity .Promote our digital skill courses & get paid


Our vision is to make development in pakistan IT export


Our mission is to provide our people with abundant learning facilities.FDRP is a research or skill development program. We are focusing on providing high paying skills in simple easy or technical procedure with experienced instructors that will help people start their own business.Through these skills we will guide people on how to create their own digital product or start their own business

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Digital Research Environment

Digital Research Environment

Fatima Digital Research Program is an initiative to create a sophisticated digital research environment that enables people to

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Analysis of Education System

Our under-development education system compels students to engage in a race of scoring high marks as much as

How to become more competitive

How to become more competitive

The development of skills can contribute to structural transformation and economic growth by enhancing employability and labor productivity

Digital Revolution in Pakistan

Digital Revolution in Pakistan

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Fatima Hashmi Project Manger

Fatima digital research program is all about to create a digital research environment. We are focusing on improving digital skills. Working with researchers to explore new opportunities

Shan Tahir Real Estate agent

We want to increase the level and quality of people's lives and to create or expand knowledge and career opportunities.

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