Let's shape the future of learning

Help people around the world empower themselves through knowledge.

We are learners.

Enjoy a yearly learning stipend, office-wide learning events, unlimited access to FDRP courses time for the whole company to drop everything and learn. Want to try teaching? Use our in-house production studio to film courses.

We are navigators.

When people feel supported, everyone benefits. We want our employees to develop skills for their careers — not just their current roles. Take advantage of regular workshops and trainings designed to help you reach your professional goals.

We make an impact.

We’re passionate about giving back. our employees regularly help local food banks, middle school students, and more. We work with them directly to train their workforces and voluntee

We are global

We’re based in Pakistan, but we’ve had a global mindset from the start, we’ve built an international community of students, instructors, and employees working in this website all over the country and beyond.